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When Last did you see Soap-On-A-Rope?

Its ten years ago – as a soap-on-a-rope manufacturer
you strategise with a view to future market risk :

What is your major concern?

Would it be this?

Guess not…

Soap-on-a-rope in a shower was handy – within reach and immediately usable.

The first public-commercial availability of “no-leak” valves appeared in baby cups and –bottles. The no-leak valve made it possible for liquid shower soap containers to hang upside-down without leaking. Consumers prefer upside-down shower soap for ease of feed – especially in solving the air-gap inconvenience when the container runs low.

Other than novelty use, liquid shower soap effectively killed large batch soap-on-a-rope manufacturing.

With Gatfol you would have known about no-leak baby cups…

With Gatfol you would still have been in business…

Gatfol and “Blacklist” Manipulation

Almost all content control and censorship on the internet
occurs against static and dynamic keyword blacklists.

 Gatfol is the prime technology to create alternative groups of words with the same
meaning and intact grammar, semantically equal to any set of blacklist keywords.

 Gatfol hates:

Use Gatfol to fight blacklists promoting the above

How Gatfol and Pinterest Could be the Next Twitter


New research shows that our average internet “new interest” attention span is only 250 milliseconds.
We increasingly want things faster-and-faster for less-and-less work.

Facebook is not the future of social data flow. Neither is Twitter.
Both take too much of our dwindling modern time resources
– even if it is only the typing of 140 characters.

Whilst cumbersome in our lightning fast web-world,
Twitter is still currently our most immediate social data inflow tool.

The future of social network and data flow however, is Pinterest.

Images say it in a thousand words.

Easy to capture, easy to post, easy to digest…
and we already upload 3 million of them to the web per day …

There is a problem….

We need to search and find the images and everything they contain to make it “social”….

To do this, images need to be automatically machine-tagged in real-time
and on a massive scale, without any human intervention.

Nobody worldwide can currently do this.

Gatfol has found a way to “package” our human world
into an image matrix grid that computers can “see”


With Gatfol, computers now understand the relationships between concepts in our world.
They can describe it, and because they can describe it, they can tag world image “slices”
we hand back to them through an application such as Pinterest, on a massive scale.

…In the near future we WILL tweet through images…

Gatfol will make this possible.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly…


Black Hat SEO detection- and barring…


Gatfol finds the bad guys…


Bad SEO is easy. Just some distributed domains through free hosting accounts, massive amounts of backlinks, some scraping of Google Trends and related searches, and pages designed for human eyes separate from pages for Web crawlers….job done.

Search engines are getting quicker at flagging the malicious search results. Scripts running these attacks are so proficient however, even if a poisoned result is only valid for a few moments, the domains have a good chance of getting clicks.

Poisoned keywords and phrases are changed often between the domains in a BHSEO setup. This makes it difficult to use keyword lists to flag perpetrator pages. To portray some sense of grammar normality, the content of these domains retain relative “readable” textual structures. Gatfol uses this characteristic together with semantic equivalency to provide a much wider “hit pool” of keywords to flag dynamic BHSEO against.


  …With Gatfol technology the good and the ugly are OK…

…but the bad will definitely face High Noon…

Gatfol and the Blonde on the Beach with Buster…


Who is she….?


I want to make contact with somebody I briefly met in college years ago.
I have since heard that she married a guy called Chris or Christoph.
I’ve forgotten her name but remember that she was blonde and
also had a family home on the beach in Martha’s Vineyard.
I remember her as quite social and she should have
some social networking presence somewhere.
Oh… and she also loved dogs…

With Facebook and Google+ I would surely find her with all this information…

 …but I don’t…

Real social search today is almost non-existent.

 Gatfol takes elementary details and turns it into massive search power.

With Gatfol almost everybody I ever knew can be found online.


It’s her….!

…my friends with Facebook…

my friends with Facebook and Google+…

…my friends with Gatfol !…

Gatfol: Using Brain Power to Control Tech


Huge advances are currently being made to interact with technology through brain power alone, and in so doing to get rid of input devices like the keyboard, computer mouse and TV-based remote controls.

The aim is for technology to “understand” and respond to us like fellow humans do.

To do this man and machine need to connect on a natural language level.

There is – however – a huge barrier :

All current neuro-technology is “fuzzy” in terms of the “brain capture” of natural language concepts. Concepts such as “up” “down” can successfully be projected from a neuro perspective but subtle discrimination between concepts like “hate” and “abhor” is still impossible with present-day innovation.

Without subtle language discrimination we will never be able to fully move away from keyboard- or menu list input technology towards truly powerful neuro-manipulation.

Gatfol technology has as its base a simplified neuro-physiological programmatic structure that provides matrix-structured ”snapshots” of human reality.

These snapshots or “world images” are used to create massively scalable volumes of semantic equivalent phrases without human intervention. Matrix field ”patterns” that develop from statistically averaged human grammar usage interact to automatically link new concepts to old.

 Sorry, either Adobe flash is not installed or you do not have it enabled

Gatfol semantic concept pattern manipulation can be both single-to-many upwards as well as many-to-single downwards. Gatfol can “crystallise” a large amount of subtle language concepts from a few “fuzzy” starting terms. From the concept “bad”, Gatfol moves outwards in larger and larger semantic groupings until extremely fine differentiation at the “hate abhor” level is achieved.

 Gatfol takes current neuro-tech from science fiction into the future of reality….

Gatfol Explains Apple and Shows the Conservative Slip

On November 30, 2010 Apple’s share price fell more than expected on no apparent news :

Nobody could really explain this :


Unknown publically to most, something noteworthy did go down on November 30, 2010 :

Because of vigorous blogging activity, the Conservative reactionary message with reference
to the Apple decision spiked decisively on November 30, 2010 – a 2726% increase
over normal traffic since release of the “Manhattan Declaration” Apple app…



 With the Conservative statement being signed by over 475 000 people,
sizeable selling action was a probability en masse.

If you could have seen this, you would have predicted the
Apple stock price move on November 30, 2010.

With share trading “obscure” matters.

Gatfol uses patented Semantic Intelligence Filter Technology (SIFT)
to quickly find the obscure on the web.

Gatfol and Personal Genomics


The number of research papers across both “popular” and less studied diseases currently far exceeds the reading time available to any one practitioner or analyst.

Specialised ontologies for well-defined scientific sub-domains across personal health are currently a time-saving rescue, and are developmentally aggressively pursued world-wide, both in the setting of ontology standards and in the actual building of the ontologies themselves. The pathway resources directory – PathGuide – alone, already references over 240 databases of biological pathways.

With exponential cost decreases in DNA sequencing during the last decade, personal genome sequencing, and therefore increasingly detailed and comprehensive genetic data is a special-case reality regarding the above, requiring urgent attention to the need for adequate information aggregators and filters across the many interrelated sub-domains of genomics-, molecular systems biology- and medical- (especially clinical and life-history) data.

The large computational challenge is to find adequate semantic coupling between these compartmentalised and technically differentiated data repositories to produce useful aggregated output from the genotyping base up to predictive- and health plan levels.

With technical domain differentiation comes progress-stultifying terminology- and conceptual language complications:



Gatfol is the technology that acts as coupling between

especially molecular biology and clinical IT environments

Gatfol’s patented multiword- to multiword semantic equivalence
transformation algorithms seamlessly “translate” between disparate
linguistic environments to provide instantaneous conceptual bridging

Computational Challenges of Personal Genomics

(Hamid Bolouri)

Gatfol, Politics, Commerce and Dynasties

Why is Kim Jong-il’s birthday bad for Korean plastic surgeons
and good for Chinese rice farms?


Kim Il-sung is the father of Kim Jong-il, who is the father of Kim Jong-un. Kim Jong-un has reportedly been groomed to emulate his grandfather Kim Il-sung, and as such is thought to have undergone plastic surgery in aid of physical resemblance to the elder Kim. Kim Il-sung became quite portly of stature, especially in his later years.

North Korea suffers massive food shortages and for political reasons has habitually given its people slightly larger food rations in advance of funerals and birthdays of its leaders . North Korea got through more than usual of its reserves of food last year when Kim Jong-il died and Kim Jong-un was set as new leader. As a result, imports of rice and other food commodities rose sharply, mainly imported from China which provides up to 45% of the North’s food. It is widely known that Chinese food aid is channeled to the North Korean military as a matter of priority. Other than being the “great successor” Kim Jong-un is also Vice Chairman of the Commission for Military Affairs of the Central Committee of the Workers‘ Party of Korea, and as such fully functional in the military.

Around his deceased father’s birthday Kim Jong-un eats better thanks to China and the military, picks up weight, looks more like his late grandfather and needs less surgery.

Things in the world are complex. Small things count. Up to the second decisions are crucial in international commerce and trading. With Gatfol patented algorithmic semantic technology, we can quickly work out why Chinese rice farmers are happy and North Korean plastic surgeons are downbeat.

With Gatfol the hidden becomes instantly visible

How Much do I Love Thee…

476 = 476
10 x 1000 = 10 000


The largest online matching (dating) site in the United States – – has 1.3 million paid subscribers and 15 million total users. Total online US dating site users stands at 80 million…in China 140 million..and in India 15 million.

Projections are that by 2030 40% of all singles in the UK will not marry at all and currently over 800 dating sites operate nationally.

The largest dating site in Europe is Meetic with more than 30 million peope having a free personal profile on one of its sites. Meetic in 2007 already had revenues of $166 million — almost exclusively from subscription fees that range from $47 to $85 a month. Meetic is now for sale for $500 million.

The online dating industry worldwide is projected to be worth $1.3 billion in 2013.

Clearly massive.

Surprisingly, the technical online matching process is still very much in the dark ages. Users usually complete an online questionaire upon which statistical matchings are made according to correlations between different categories.

One of the most thorough statistical matching sites has a questionaire with 476 personal questions.

There is a huge problem though :

Much of our personal lives are difficult to capture with Yes/No tick boxes. I might love horse-racing but only through watching it, and then only once or twice a year. I might be looking for a vivacious partner with unpredictable “joie de vivre”, but also somebody that can be serious and consistent when it comes to the things that are important to me.

Love is gray…like language

Around all natural language concepts are words with very much the same meaning. Gatfol is a patented algorithmic semantic (meaning) engine. Unlike anything today, Gatfol can easily find massive volumes of semantic equivalent (same meaning) groups of words for other groups of words.

If I like horse-riding, fox hunting and dressage, Gatfol can label it with “equestrian sports”. If I like pizza take-outs, the odd plate of spaghetti bolognese and sometimes some pasta primavera, Gatfol could supply “Italian cuisine”.

Gatfol can produce up to a thousand semantic equivalents
of all word sizes for any substantial word group.

By supplying just ten detailed aspects that I love and applying Gatfol power, these 10 elements can match to up to 10 000 likes in all the millions of potential partners out there.

If Andy likes “..things to be always a certain way, my socks to be packed two-by-two and my car washed every Saturday at 13h00.. “, he might match perfectly well with Helga in Switzerland that’s merely “perfectionistic when not on holiday”.

Now we do not have to “tick” ourselves into elementary partnerships anymore – by merely running some Facebook pages and Twitter feeds through Gatfol, all our gray characteristics can be matched in powerful multi-word fashion to open up millions more possible liaisons than currently possible.

 With Gatfol, love is pulsatingly, excitingly red….

Gatfol and the Child-safe Web

Web virtual worlds, social networks and e-mail systems are easy to make child-safe. Just get a comprehensive swear-, sexual-, religious-, and bullying danger word list and filter all application text streams through it…


How would we stop the following e-mail content ?

“…I want to slowly savor your soft marshmallow…”
“…care for a banana sandwich ?…”
“…lets get on with some puppy jamming…”

“…what about some bedtime reading between the cheeks…”
“…with you I’ll always be checking my watch…”
“…are we swimming upstream tonight ?…”
“…you and I are team peloni on the bobsled….”


Many web environments – especially for children – are now too large to be adequately monitored manually. The solution is to protect it with underlying Gatfol technology.

Gatfol stealthily and instantaneously creates thousands of semantic equivalents to any input phrase. Gatfol crystallises innocent word combinations into single concepts. If ANY of the thousands of replacement concepts contain a single danger word, inappropriate content is flagged.