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The difference Gatfol makes to 300 million worldwide…

Funeral Insurance !!!


At least half a billion LITERATE adults worldwide have at most been educated to primary school level.

At least one in every two has a cell phone.

Gatfol asked a small sample of reading-literate people based in Africa to tell us what words
(taken from the Hollard insurance website with products specifically for them), they do not understand.

From all keywords describing funeral insurance for the right target market,
only 34% of the test demography understood the conveyed message
at a level substantial enough to act upon.

Words that you and I and the internet world take for granted
bypasses this massively large socio-economic stratum…

For us – simple words – for them – information (and a better world) beyond reach…

Words not understood…

Immediate 20%

Accidental 13%

Cover 47%

Premium 73%

Annually 87%

Expenses 27%

Insured 13%

Insurance 13%

Provide 40%

Valid 20%

Required 27%

Additional 53%

Policy 20%

Essential 13%

Claim 27%

Benefits 80%

Illustrative 53%

Disclaimer 53%

Lump sum 33%

Mileage 47%

Reassurance 27%

Affordable 40%

Optional 7%

Devastating 40%

Acceptance 20%

Guarantee 27%

Documentation 47%

In the developing world, funeral expenditure is socially important and
economically burdensome, both on an individual- and family group level.
Over 300 million people worldwide are carrying a financial burden that could
have been lessened had the message conveyed to them been better understood…

This is a wake-up-call…

Gatfol…from cradle to grave…

Can You See Gatfol?


Gatfol Technology for Mobile Applications

The developing world over – but especially in Africa – more and more people are interfacing with mobile- or cellphone-based technology from first language bases that are not always that of the information carrying web – English. Cultural sophistication is also in many ways not currently present in – especially rural – communities to “talk” to electronic information effectively.

Gatfol provides an invisible (to the user) core technology that acts as interpreter between unsophisticated user input and what the application based information “requires” for efficient retrieval. Gatfol is the connection at a level that can be understood by both sides.

The technology differs from the current in that it can analyse everyday word relationships at power levels several magnitudes more subtle than that presently available. Gatfol has moved away from strictly mathematical pattern analysis to develop a compact and powerful two-dimensional matrix based technology that can deal with the “grayness” and “messy” structure of everyday verbal communication. To do this Gatfol uses unique matrix feedback structures and applies programmatic equivalents based on neurophysiological functionality such as neuron-interaction, quantity and quality of axon connections and neuronal firing impulses.

Gatfol can integrate disadvantaged communities worldwide – through language, culture and internet exposure – far quicker into our web world of meaning by successfully bridging the human-to electronic-information communication gap.

The strength of the Gatfol technology is that it not just acts as interpreter across informal communication channels – for instance in social networks, but also through more formal applications including news services, educational programs, consumer advertising, health- and medical support, financial- and insurance services and entertainment  – all linked to a fast growing pool of previously unsophisticated consumers.

Joseph and Gatfol

It is 35°C in the shade outside…

Joseph’s child is shivering with a headache…

Joseph wonders if it might be food poisoning…

The nearest clinic is 85 miles away and closed for the religious holidays…

Joseph’s child has malaria..

Joseph has a cell phone…

With Gatfol…the medical terminology of the web becomes Joseph’s limited vocabulary…

Gatfol saves lives…