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Gatfol and Wikileaks


When it comes to Wikileaks and enterprise information – contrary to the overwhelming hacking image – employees, contractors and collaborators are sometimes the weakest links in terms of access, vulnerability spread and confidentiality clearance.

Hacking attacks can be fairly successfully protected against with the latest hardware- and software applications, but Gatfol is required to safeguard the “inside” human element, which could make up over 20% of all exposure incidents by volume:

Most concerning is the overwhelming statistics around the involvement of third parties :



Intentional collaboration with third parties requires contact, and contact in many instances requires remote electronic information exchange. This electronic information exchange could well be included in the already existing corporate security monitoring streams.

The problem is communication content where malicious intent is involved :

In almost all instances this content will be meaningful to the point of real information exchange BUT will almost always exclude any possible “danger words”.

Gatfol core protection is specifically designed to find aggregated or distributed meaning in innocuous text that could lead to “danger word” hits.

Wherever employee-, contractor- and collaborator- data leakage intent is a possibility, Gatfol is the massively scalable semantic analysis technology for removing Wikileaks type threats from your personnel environment…