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When Last did you see Soap-On-A-Rope?

Its ten years ago – as a soap-on-a-rope manufacturer
you strategise with a view to future market risk :

What is your major concern?

Would it be this?

Guess not…

Soap-on-a-rope in a shower was handy – within reach and immediately usable.

The first public-commercial availability of “no-leak” valves appeared in baby cups and –bottles. The no-leak valve made it possible for liquid shower soap containers to hang upside-down without leaking. Consumers prefer upside-down shower soap for ease of feed – especially in solving the air-gap inconvenience when the container runs low.

Other than novelty use, liquid shower soap effectively killed large batch soap-on-a-rope manufacturing.

With Gatfol you would have known about no-leak baby cups…

With Gatfol you would still have been in business…