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Where do Turkeys get Goosebumps Seeing Ducks and Chickens?

In Maurice, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana – as Thanksgiving approaches –
Turduckens (a turkey stuffed with a deboned duck stuffed with a deboned chicken)
…are churned out in vast quantities..

 This poultry trio tradition came into existence
in the 1980s at the request of a local farmer who offered up his
fine feathered friends in return for these manufactured gastronomic delights…

…Gatfol cooks up a storm…

Where Do People Turn Blue for Want of Water?

Tuareg men in Mali traditionally wear turbans dyed indigo.

World wide, cloth is normally dyed in water based wet processes.

In Mali a severe lack of water prevents water based dyeing.

Indigo dye is physically stamped into Mali turban cloth.

Stamped dye runs and rubs off.

Tuareg men in Mali exhibit a blue complexion.

With Gatfol you will never see red…