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Gatfol Explains Apple and Shows the Conservative Slip

On November 30, 2010 Apple’s share price fell more than expected on no apparent news :

Nobody could really explain this :


Unknown publically to most, something noteworthy did go down on November 30, 2010 :

Because of vigorous blogging activity, the Conservative reactionary message with reference
to the Apple decision spiked decisively on November 30, 2010 – a 2726% increase
over normal traffic since release of the “Manhattan Declaration” Apple app…



 With the Conservative statement being signed by over 475 000 people,
sizeable selling action was a probability en masse.

If you could have seen this, you would have predicted the
Apple stock price move on November 30, 2010.

With share trading “obscure” matters.

Gatfol uses patented Semantic Intelligence Filter Technology (SIFT)
to quickly find the obscure on the web.

Gatfol, Politics, Commerce and Dynasties

Why is Kim Jong-il’s birthday bad for Korean plastic surgeons
and good for Chinese rice farms?


Kim Il-sung is the father of Kim Jong-il, who is the father of Kim Jong-un. Kim Jong-un has reportedly been groomed to emulate his grandfather Kim Il-sung, and as such is thought to have undergone plastic surgery in aid of physical resemblance to the elder Kim. Kim Il-sung became quite portly of stature, especially in his later years.

North Korea suffers massive food shortages and for political reasons has habitually given its people slightly larger food rations in advance of funerals and birthdays of its leaders . North Korea got through more than usual of its reserves of food last year when Kim Jong-il died and Kim Jong-un was set as new leader. As a result, imports of rice and other food commodities rose sharply, mainly imported from China which provides up to 45% of the North’s food. It is widely known that Chinese food aid is channeled to the North Korean military as a matter of priority. Other than being the “great successor” Kim Jong-un is also Vice Chairman of the Commission for Military Affairs of the Central Committee of the Workers‘ Party of Korea, and as such fully functional in the military.

Around his deceased father’s birthday Kim Jong-un eats better thanks to China and the military, picks up weight, looks more like his late grandfather and needs less surgery.

Things in the world are complex. Small things count. Up to the second decisions are crucial in international commerce and trading. With Gatfol patented algorithmic semantic technology, we can quickly work out why Chinese rice farmers are happy and North Korean plastic surgeons are downbeat.

With Gatfol the hidden becomes instantly visible