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Gatfol Europe

Gatfol is proud to announce that it is setting up an operational base in Malta Europe as outflow of an invitation from Malta Enterprise. Gatfol also joined the Microsoft BizSpark program at Sky Parks in Luqa.

Gatfol’s European presence will open up large market segments on the Continent and will add to the current strong operational development in Africa.

Gatfol is now in the final stages of quality- and speed testing across all the integrated modules on a networked 6-machine cluster flown in from South Africa. Gatfol will port- and test to Azure from MIC premises shortly and finalize a commercial-processing backed web interface with client online testing functionality across all of the Gatfol application fields.

Why Gatfol?

The Gatfol project was started roughly 12 years ago in the UK. A small team of financial experts developed an intelligent accounting system that analysed patterns in accounting data. This formed the basis of the Gatfol technology currently in development and received an EMDA Innovation in Software award from the European Union in 2006.

The rationale for the Gatfol pursuit is that, with all the work that has been done towards creating artificial intelligence in computers over many decades, it is still not possible to talk to computers on a human-to-human basis.

While it is Gatfol’s big vision to eventually enable humans to converse with data, a more immediate goal encompasses data search, because search is effectively talking to information. Current efforts are concentrated on applying Gatfol’s technology to improve “search” using semantic intelligence (meaning in data), both on the web and in proprietary databases.

An Introduction to Gatfol

The History of Gatfol