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How Gatfol and Pinterest Could be the Next Twitter


New research shows that our average internet “new interest” attention span is only 250 milliseconds.
We increasingly want things faster-and-faster for less-and-less work.

Facebook is not the future of social data flow. Neither is Twitter.
Both take too much of our dwindling modern time resources
– even if it is only the typing of 140 characters.

Whilst cumbersome in our lightning fast web-world,
Twitter is still currently our most immediate social data inflow tool.

The future of social network and data flow however, is Pinterest.

Images say it in a thousand words.

Easy to capture, easy to post, easy to digest…
and we already upload 3 million of them to the web per day …

There is a problem….

We need to search and find the images and everything they contain to make it “social”….

To do this, images need to be automatically machine-tagged in real-time
and on a massive scale, without any human intervention.

Nobody worldwide can currently do this.

Gatfol has found a way to “package” our human world
into an image matrix grid that computers can “see”


With Gatfol, computers now understand the relationships between concepts in our world.
They can describe it, and because they can describe it, they can tag world image “slices”
we hand back to them through an application such as Pinterest, on a massive scale.

…In the near future we WILL tweet through images…

Gatfol will make this possible.