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Gatfol Catches Lost Hits and Lost Dollars in Online Retail


You have a large online catalogue of products…

I am a buyer looking for very specific soccer boots but I cannot remember the brand name or model. All I can remember is that I saw somewhere that they provided the fastest running ability. Amongst many thousands of brands and models your catalogue carries Adidas F50 Adizero II Prime FG Soccer Cleats, with the only description being “best regarding rate,speed…”.

I use your catalogue search facility with “soccer boots fast running ability..”.
I get no hits on the keywords for the specific product that I want and you carry.
I know that if I search with different keywords and combinations I might get my product, but I do not have 20 minutes to spend on this.
I decide to run by the sports store on the corner and you lose a sale.


Now let’s say your catalogue was Gatfol enabled…..

Gatfol has worked out a way to show our actual human world to machines in “image matrixes” that they can understand:

Because Gatfol “knows” billions of real-world concepts and their relationships with each other, and because Gatfol operates invisibly and seamlessly between customers and your online catalogues, my query of “soccer boots fast running ability” is within a fraction of a second cloned into hundreds of thousands of semantic (meaning) equivalent queries ranked according to the best query first that will hit your catalogue. Gatfol calculates that if “soccer boots” becomes “cleats” and “fast running ability” becomes “speed”, the chances of a hit to your catalogue is 92,78% compared to 24.31% for my original search query.

Gatfol catches all those lost hits and lost dollars…