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Gatfol: Using Brain Power to Control Tech


Huge advances are currently being made to interact with technology through brain power alone, and in so doing to get rid of input devices like the keyboard, computer mouse and TV-based remote controls.

The aim is for technology to “understand” and respond to us like fellow humans do.

To do this man and machine need to connect on a natural language level.

There is – however – a huge barrier :

All current neuro-technology is “fuzzy” in terms of the “brain capture” of natural language concepts. Concepts such as “up” “down” can successfully be projected from a neuro perspective but subtle discrimination between concepts like “hate” and “abhor” is still impossible with present-day innovation.

Without subtle language discrimination we will never be able to fully move away from keyboard- or menu list input technology towards truly powerful neuro-manipulation.

Gatfol technology has as its base a simplified neuro-physiological programmatic structure that provides matrix-structured ”snapshots” of human reality.

These snapshots or “world images” are used to create massively scalable volumes of semantic equivalent phrases without human intervention. Matrix field ”patterns” that develop from statistically averaged human grammar usage interact to automatically link new concepts to old.

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Gatfol semantic concept pattern manipulation can be both single-to-many upwards as well as many-to-single downwards. Gatfol can “crystallise” a large amount of subtle language concepts from a few “fuzzy” starting terms. From the concept “bad”, Gatfol moves outwards in larger and larger semantic groupings until extremely fine differentiation at the “hate abhor” level is achieved.

 Gatfol takes current neuro-tech from science fiction into the future of reality….