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What Frightens a Banker Most About This Client…


…the fact that he is planning to sell his Italian-based furniture manufacturing empire for $6.8 million in six months time and distribute $1.5 million to each of his three married sons currently all living in small apartments in Milan – all three of whom have young children approaching school-going age….


….you as the banker are unaware of this intention….

The list of all the banking investment-, insurance, home-ownership, credit card-, personal loan-, online services-, business finance-, hire purchase- and vehicle finance products that can be brought to Mr Lampre and his sons’ attention before they shop around with the multitude of other equivalent service providers out there, is large.

You notice that Mr Lampre did in fact let the bank know about details of his selling intentions several months back when he applied for a new lending account :

In many instances the most important client information from a bank’s commercial perspective is unstructured data around a client’s broader life, and – in many instances – this information is already available in-house.

Even though the unstructured “Notes” relating to Mr Lampre was typed into the online database, it was never returned in any global searches, as the most relevant search query was “…all clients selling substantial assets..”. None of the crucial search keywords were hit with Mr Lampre’s “…receive large fund return re business decision…”.

Luckily there is a core solution…

Gatfol is the foremost technology to turn any vague- or initial search input into a massive parallel set of stealth queries that will hit almost all the desired keywords.

 With Gatfol – Mr Lampre finishes the race, sells his business, enriches his sons, buys
into several expensive bank products and loses some weight…(well…some of it…)