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Gatfol and the Complexity of Real World Search Queries…

Examples of the length and semantic diversity in what we would like to ask from current search engines:

Real world queries……..we have a problem…

-What is a spade flat head with a worm like body that has black stripes down center of body and moves slow about 2 inches long and 1 centermetre wide the body was all the same length?
-Is there a movie or video that has footage of the deep dark corners of the sea that doesnt have a whole lot going on just some cool looking fish doing their thing?
-Why does an organism that lives on land have more complex mechanisms to maintain a stable internal environment than organisms that live in water?
-There is this roomer going around that says that 7 people have already been eaten at ratanga by the crocidiles at crocidile gorge is it true?
-What are the three terms that are indicative of what kind of food source an animal from which it derives it’s primary of energy supply?
-Which of the following are adaptations to remaining afloat and controlling bouyancy found in many pelagic organisms except?
-What is the asexual reproduction method conducted by starfish in which new organisms can grow from its sections?
-What is the maze of passageways that carries proteins and other materials from one part of the cell to another?
-What are some of the conditions or requirements that distributed database would be better for an organisation?
-Explain what Welty means by the habit of love and tell why this habit might be compared to a worn path?
-Why humans have a higher density of receptors for touch in some areas of skin than in other areas?
-How do put together your bio-ball aquaium filter system i bought used use everything in a a box?
-How does the body’s arrangement of nerve receptors for touch make the Braille system possible?
-Why do the survival of the whole organism depends on the functioning of its individual cells?
– What is the relationship between the carbon in the ocean and the carbon in the soil?
-If the dna sequence is tacgttaccgagctagact then what is the sequence of the messenger rna?
-The effect on ancient cultures and traditions of people of cutting the old-growth forest?
-Why there is more species diversity in southern Florida than there is in northern Alaska?

Actual questions submitted to wiki.answers.com

Gatfol provides massive stealth power in a fraction of a second to enable this level of complicated search input into any data set.