At the lower end of the socio-economic scale are the “excluded” – huge population swathes excluded from capital, -good education, -basic amenities,  -job opportunities, and most of all – exclusion from information in general and online information in particular.

1 billion literate adults on earth
500 million literate adults in Africa and India
300 million literate adults in Africa
3 million literate adults in South Africa…

…have reading skills lower than that of an average 14 year old…

The language of the web – English – can semantically and grammarwise be difficult to understand with many levels of complexity. For tens of millions of adults in the developing world now carrying smartphones – empowered but online impotent, exclusion still reigns as online text information is freely at hand at increased affordability, but not fully understandable at lower reading-skill levels.

Gatfol employs a world-first patented semantic technology to translate English online text into tiny vocabularies to enable hundreds of millions of reading-challenged persons worldwide to instantly and in real-time magnify limited vocabularies into graduate-level first-world massive word power.

By empowering the reading challenged and also semi-literate populations of the world, Gatfol wants to change the socio-economic landscape from the “bottom-up” to bring our information-rich privileged online world to the huge number of disadvantaged people with mobile handset ownership. In doing so, Gatfol wants to push the fully lowest socio-economic level of humanity upwards to have at least some future interface and interaction with the online world of information.


Gatfol will work for communities in Africa, South-East Asia, many parts of the old Soviet Union and even large sweeps of the America’s…

…it is not often that we can change the lives of a billion people…

…support Gatfol to support them…


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