Some Numbers from the Gatfol Search Universe

4 Billion online searches per day worldwide (

Searches unsuccessful = 20% (J Trant et al, Understanding searches of Online collections)

= 800 million search failures per day

…….with a 10% qualifier to allow for more successful short searches…….

Simulated Gatfol Addition

= 80 million extra successful searches with Gatfol

  …..equivalent to the 5th largest standalone search engine in the world…..

Unexpected Gatfol contribution:


….most users avoid long searches after early initial failures….

Gatfol can possibly double the use of longer queries : 10% x 4 billion = 400 million

= plus 80 million searches now successful from previously abandoned searches


= +- 0.5 billion extra Gatfol related successful searches per day

Simulated Gatfol Addition

………equivalent to the 3rd largest standalone search engine in the world……. !