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Future of Search

The future of search from the viewpoint of a large search engine like Google:

Google Search 1998

Google Search 2005

Google Search 2010

…Google core web search has not qualitatively advanced much over the years,
apart from substantial window dressing….

….the only quantum jump development in core search
HAS TO BE intelligent natural language interpretation…


 What Gatfol core technology will turn Google into….


Some Numbers from the Gatfol Search Universe

4 Billion online searches per day worldwide (

Searches unsuccessful = 20% (J Trant et al, Understanding searches of Online collections)

= 800 million search failures per day

…….with a 10% qualifier to allow for more successful short searches…….

Simulated Gatfol Addition

= 80 million extra successful searches with Gatfol

  …..equivalent to the 5th largest standalone search engine in the world…..

Unexpected Gatfol contribution:


….most users avoid long searches after early initial failures….

Gatfol can possibly double the use of longer queries : 10% x 4 billion = 400 million

= plus 80 million searches now successful from previously abandoned searches


= +- 0.5 billion extra Gatfol related successful searches per day

Simulated Gatfol Addition

………equivalent to the 3rd largest standalone search engine in the world……. !