GATFOL Pre-beta Caution Flag

Gatfol is currently in limited scope pre-beta testing.

Gatfol is a massively scalable algorithmic semantic analysis engine that can be used to flag posts in social media data streams containing word groups that semantically crystallises to general public safety “danger” words.

In random test runs, Gatfol flagged the following public post found on several web sites with an “Extreme caution” warning :


February 28, 2012 – 2:10 pm

This action of shooting bullies is a new trend in U.S.America that proves this theory of subconscious counter domestic terrorism is a reflex response.

To add; Zealot Religions are creating failure, and being check-mated by National Security via acts of domestic terrorism bills passed. Therefore parenting and then zealot religion by-proxy is the cannon fodder of and or actions of domestic terrorism, bullying, a hate-crime and other acts same end. Bullying is a hate-crime, and hate-crimes are acts of domestic terrorism, check-mate.[period].

Some suggest we should have counter domestic terrorism response teams in public schools to stop bullying, and if bullying is not that serious then why are so many bullies being plucked like chicken feathers from society recently with bullets into their heads? Dead.

Perhaps this dead end result being that parenting, zealot religion influences, the school faculty, local, state, and federal law enforcement are idiots. End, parenting teaches and allows children bulling, true in fact, and have become a trend of irrational critical non-thinking, therefore parental child abuse and religion gets away Scotty Free.

Since this counter bullying by lethal violence and force is common these days reflects obvious society is out of touch with reality completely regards proper ethics, morales, and civil conduct. Blame parenting, we have dead children, obvious too. These similar public school bullying events is a hate-crime and children end up dead.

This also applies in reflection especially to DHS/Department of Homeland Security whom have become useless regards this fact in definition in which DHS by origin of creation made these laws to combat domestic terrorism, and by indirect recourse religion and parenting skill sets unethical and immoral targeted, thus perverse by definition.

The coast guard was to take DHS position which was the original plan till congress, senate, and lobbyists wanted their noses up everyones business making laws to serve who(?), and now a mess.

Increasing majority are supporting military only federal martial law, indefinite; -till the infection is cleansed. Because no one else appears to be doing the right thing about this, believe in this true.

Bullying is an act of domestic terrorism because it represents and is a hate-crime.

Hate-crimes are acts of domesticated terrorism tought by the father and mother as parenting -a single entity infecting the off-spring host child which is ethically and morally guided by religion; -So national Security translates.

Many Zealot Religions these days motivate, instruct passive/aggressive bullying, (acts of domesticated terrorism), to herd in followers into their idea of proper manhood, citizenry and as end result donations to the zealot religious organization(s).

Many in society consider this young man, (“TJ Lane”), have taken the real manhood approach to illuminate domestic terrorism from society/public schools, (an up coming popular recursive reflex response to hate-crimes in public schools, as typed – mentioned).

Many in society also consider his, (“TJ Lane”), actions should not to be formalized as a terrorist, but in fact a blessing waking up U.S. to bullying. Have mentioned by others and should the parenting parents be shot in the head as well for raising a domestic terrorists equally? No! Yes! Undecided!

“TJ Lane” is considered a hero in society by many many bullied children throughout our U.S.culture, (equally as other such past events), of those being tortured by bullies feel a mental release and pleasure in observation through these events of counter domesticated terrorist life-styles defeated. These victimized bullied citizens are babe children, teens and young adults who have many times in the past been murdered by these bullies in which these murder cases never solved and why never solved? Is parenting, religion a crime and their ethical moral instructional is terrorism; The suggested(?).

Have parenting and crew lead society out of control into hideousness of murdering children by bullying. Bullies end result kill citizens as if a target in moral ethical reflection of parenting and religion, yes true, believe.

Parenting, zealot religion teaches bulling. “TJ Lane” felt his life was in danger, obviously. Civilian/Federal law enforcement push these events of bully domestic terrorism under the rug with a huge blind eye and why? -Obvious.

Many children, teens, young adults feel for all the children murdered by bullies, and that “TJ Lane” is an obvious law abiding citizen and to many a hero -vers- the domesticated homegrown terrorism, bullies, a hate-crime. As many children applaud “TJ Lane” and while Outside the box looking at society appears being baited that parenting and religion support child abuse and are terrorist cell-leaders; by National Security definition of Domestic Terrorism.[end-game].





[Please note that Gatfol currently does not systematically scrub data streams for flagging purposes. Full Gatfol beta release will be before end first quarter 2012.]