Gatfol Sentiment Analysis

Gatfol Tracker dynamically and automatically grabs enterprise
product- or service keywords 24/7, expands them massively
semantically into keyword sets exceeding tens of thousands,
runs all sets for sentiment valuation against feedstreams
including 2500 RSS feeds, 4 million blog feeds, tens of
millions of random industry-linked web pages, 300 million
Twitter feeds daily, 50 million Facebook posting per day and
much more...reporting back up to 120 times every 24 hours...

A product review that contains mixed evaluation concepts
like "hate", "appreciate", "love", "want", "avoid", etc.,
is difficult to machine-analyse for emotive content.
Gatfol Synonyms works in the semantic cloud around
keywords to provide deeper iterative connections
between opinion words and final sentiment.

Gatfol Tracker