Carl Greyling  

Carl Greyling (Gatfol Founder - CTO)

Carl is a CIA (Institute of Internal Auditors New York) qualified financial analyst (BCom Hons), with a BA degree in Psychology (majoring in Neurophysiology). As a data analyst and forensic auditor over a career spanning 18 years, in the United Kingdom he developed artificial intelligence virtual auditing agents using natural language neurophysiological programmatic advances to report on patterns in financial data. For breakthrough work on this he won an EMDA software innovation award in the European Union RDPE programme in 2006. He started work with a small team in the UK on natural language search technology and was awarded a USA provisional patent on improved online search in April 2011. Carl presented the patented search technology to the international semantic industry at SemTech 2011 in San Francisco - "How Negative Semantic Spaces Can Lead us to the Next Google". In December 2011 Carl founded Gatfol with two rounds of international seed funding. In 2013 Carl led Gatfol collaboration with Microsoft in Malta EU with the aim of establishing a strong European marketing presence. Gatfol is also currently following a development route with the Innovation Hub in South Africa to develop online language processing products for national and local government as well as large commercial enterprises to aid economically disadvantaged mobile technology users.

  Sally Greyling  

Sally Greyling (Gatfol Co-founder - Web Design & Digital Marketing)

Sally is a B.Econ graduate in Economics and Business Administration from Rhodes University, South Africa with a 15-year career as commercial lecturer and software trainer at several tertiary institutions in South Africa, as well as the United Kingdom. Sally helped set up Gatfol in 2011. She has extensive web design background and augments this function at Gatfol - in addition to researching markets and providing a full digital marketing function. Sally was instrumental in helping to establish the Gatfol Europe operational base in Malta in 2013, in collaboration with Microsoft EU.

  Joe Wiid  

Joe Wiid (Business Development: Asia-Pacific)

Joe started various companies spanning more than 20 years - with manufacturing experience in South Africa and New Zealand. He currently heads Extrutec Ltd. and is focusing on expanding into the Asia Pacific Region, including China. With an academic background in Biogenetic Structuralism, extensive startup investment experience and member present at Gatfol startup initiation, Joe was fundamental in setting the conceptual building blocks for the Gatfol pattern algorithm patent and subsequent base technology. As compliment to his extensive network connections in the Far East, Joe is returning to his roots as startup investor and product accelerator to push Gatfol commercial presence in the Asia-Pacific economic region with specific focus on China.