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The Great FBI Biblical Inappropriate Texting Challenge

FBI battling ‘rash of sexting’ among its employees (CNN)
…employee used a government-issued BlackBerry “to
send sexually explicit messages to another employee…

How bad is the FBI’s sexting problem? (The Week)
…The number of these cases that involved sexting was small,
but it was still big enough to alarm FBI leaders.
…Last year, another CNN investigation uncovered numerous
cases of misconduct within the FBI, many of them sexually charged…

FBI on sexting employees: Everybody does it (NBCNews)
…employees should assume that their bosses can (and will)
monitor communications on their company devices — meaning
that those sending explicit sex messages are bound to get busted…

The Bible contains many
(modern-wise euphemistic) referrals
to human sexual organs and actions

Here’s the challenge :

Will the following bible-based electronic messages sent
internally between imaginary FBI employees be picked
up by the FBI’s own in-house automatic filtering software?

“Show me your stones and I will show you my secret…”

“…maybe not your cloth but definitely your loins…”

“…your fountain is the cool resting place for my privy member…”

“…my uncomely parts are just made for that place of the breaking forth of children…”

“oh…to go in unto that front-desk maid…”

“hmm…some seed might be conceived there…”

Gatfol thinks not…

…a biblical lead in the 21st century, that gets away
with saying what would otherwise be a career-ending move…

Keywords are the problem…

Gatfol breaks the keyword barrier with a
base technology served in microseconds for the next
generation of corporate automatic language filtering tools…

The Coming Augmented Reality Language Semantic Conundrum….


A practical obstacle to workable mobile augmented reality technology is currently largely being overlooked.

From a recent Google patent abstract… :

“The method (augmented reality in the larger sense) may also include transmitting a query of the user to the server computer system to initiate a search of the history or real-world experiences, and receiving results relevant to the query that include data indicative of the media data in the history of real-world experience”

In the Google Project Glass video above, the augmented reality wearers make several verbal statements to be picked up by the AR technology for downstream processing. One character in the video uses Glass to translate a phrase into Thai. Another uses Glass to look up facts about a jellyfish, and another uses Glass to get directions while biking. Some exact excerpts are:

 “record a video…”
“hangout with the flying club…”
“take a picture…”

Each of these verbal statements can be made in many different ways by different AR users, without losing semantic (statement meaning) accuracy :

    “Get a video here..”
    “Ref the flying club..”
    “Hangout with my fly buddies…”
    “Grab a pic…”
    “Snap this…”
    “Take a photo..”   

For a simple expression like “hangout at the flying club…” we have 5 non-specific words that can be replaced with semantic equivalent word groups without statement meaning change. By just replacing each of these words with – let’s say – ten alternatives we have over a hundred thousand statements semantically equivalent to our original statement – and instructing the downstream AR in the same way as the original. For all the above statements in our example video, a very reasonable semantic expansion can easily run into trillions of semantically equivalent language inputs.

For any AR system to language-wise “equalise” all input semantic alternatives to a standard “base” that can for instance hit keywords in a programmatic backend environment, is impossible without near real-time massive input expansion.

Gatfol supplies this in milliseconds. With Gatfol, any AR input statement is semantically “amplified” in-stream (or simplified to the generic base) to make downstream language processing permutation-wise possible.

Use Gatfol to enhance communication in augmented reality…

Gatfol Web Text Simplification for Language Challenged Readers

GIC 2013

Gatfol Technology…

…represents a world first, state-of-the-art, internationally
patented technology that has taken 9 years to perfect…

 …transforms high level vocabulary into clear
understandable language for semi-literate adults…

 …provides mobile users with a 20 000 word language vocabulary
even if they understand only as little as 200 words in that language…

 …acts as the magic mirror that enables almost anybody to understand
information online, no matter how complex – in areas of education,
health, security, engineering, law, finance, science…

 …runs as a cloud-based service, designed to meet
international standards of dependability and functionality…

 …for language challenged readers worldwide…

The Gatfol Divide

 What do you get when you subtract 10 maids and gardeners
from 10 bankers and internet entrepreneurs?


….a vocabulary of 10 000 ordinary English words that they do not share….


The maids and gardeners need what the bankers and entrepreneurs can offer…

The bankers and entrepreneurs want to keep them informed…

Gatfol makes it possible…