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Brazil Blitzkrieg: How FIFA, Search Engines & Semantics Mean Profit…

After more than a decade of fine tuning, Google (and other search engines) have improved ranking algorithms at magnitude. Gone are the days of multiple keyword padding – even with accurate grammar inside high-level semantic structures. Search engines have effectively become language- and industry savvy “examiners” of web page content – analogous to a university professor grading pages of a thesis.

It is essential to know what the search engine “professor” values:

“Provide high-quality content on your pages, especially your homepage. This is the
single most important thing to do.” (Google)

It is almost impossible to drive search engine optimisation today without
adding semantically valuable, highly intelligent, industry-targeted language content:

“Make sure that other sites link to yours.” (Google)

Before the FIFA world cup football game between Germany and Brazil (which Germany won 7-1), Google returned 210 results for the unique word combination “Brazil Blitzkrieg”. The morning after – 503 000.

When suddenly spiking “hot” web word combinations are incorporated at innovative semantic level into enterprise blog posts and other online social marketing, the enterprise brand can – with little effort and cost – be dragged into top-end search returns through content linkages to sites also temporarily trending these concepts.

Gatfol’s role is not merely to take web word combinations and find immediate synonyms, but to extract the meaning and related context of these and use it as an expansion linking factor. “Brazil Blitzkrieg” can powerfully become “German rumble in the jungle”, with strong search engine first page traction to a wider set of external sites. This broad concept catchment drives online exposure with more degrees of freedom around narrow keywords.

Gatfol drives hot web word combinations to sweep surrounding
enterprise concepts in real time for finely targeted semantic attacks…

Gatfol Tracker is in Oil…



You have special energy related interests with team presence in Russia, Libya and Iraq.
You need to stay on top of security situations in these countries across many regions – in real time.
Using any of the large search engines like Google to get your information poses the following major problem:

What search words do you use?

Security situation Chechnya?
– but what if an online report exists that covers “Security situation Grozny?
The capital region of Chechnya is relevant to you,
– but your search words will not make the necessary keyword “hits”.
Do you enter another search to cover the keyword “Grozny“?
– and what if the report title does not include Security situation but rather “Military- and other threats?
– once again your search words will not hit.
The amount of possible search word permutations can run into millions…
…making it impossible to cover them all manually…

Gatfol Tracker not only searches across the web,
but given the input of “Security situation Chechnya“,
automatically expands the possible search word sets from this input
to hundreds or even thousands to produce the keyword hits that you need.

Let Gatfol Tracker be your search security across the world…

Without Gatfol “Stress Relief” is More Stressful…


I need relaxation and I know the right music will do it for me.

TuneIn.com offers 70 000 local and global radio stations and 2 million on-demand streams to choose from.

TuneIn also offers a search facility, which I use with the keywords “reduce stress”.

These are my first ten radio stream search returns :

But I also notice that if I use the single keyword “relaxation”, I get a totally different set of first ten radio stream returns :

 I start to wonder what different returns “reduce stress”, “anxiety relief”, stress management”, “healing music”, “calm mood music”, “deep relaxation”, “music for meditation” and “easy listening” might bring.

Wouldn’t it be nice if my single “reduce stress” input search could instantly also be translated to all the above keyword sets and all of them used to retrieve my search return?

 Gatfol technology massively enhances each and
every searchable online database with thousands to
millions of additional parallel search inputs in milliseconds…

Gatfol is search relief…