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Power of Gatfol Supports Pinterest Guided Search

“there are more than 750 million boards with 30 billion Pins…”
(Pinterest’s Hui Xu, Head of the Discovery team)

Pinterest has three problems:

A search for “turkey filled with a duck stuffed with chicken for thanksgiving dinner”

does not return a single Pinterest search result…

Quality of search returns falls drastically with an increase in the number of keywords.

Gatfol takes long input queries, uses different grammar
structures with equivalent semantic meaning and translates it
into powerful truncated searches to yield result-optimised search returns.

We now have “turkey filled with a duck stuffed with chicken”, truncated to “turducken”,
forming “turducken thanksgiving dinner”, resulting in multiple Pinterest results.

Secondly, if we enter “stuffed poultry thanksgiving”, Pinterest presents…

”old-fashioned bread stuffing”
“turkey with sausage pecan stuffing”
“turkey with sausage-corn bread stuffing”
“thanksgiving stuffed turkey”
“classic sage dressing”
“corn bread dressing with oysters”
“100% whole wheat stuffing muffins with sausage and parmesan”
“traditional holiday stuffing”
“stuffed roast turkey”
“classic herb stuffing”
“cranberry pear stuffing”
“turkey & stuffing turnovers”…

Returns for “stuffing” undeservedly dominates results for “stuffed poultry”.
It is difficult to sort and rank search returns in terms of relevance, when
non-matching keywords are incorporated in the result extraction process.

From “classic herb stuffing”- if “stuffing” is stemmed to “stuffed”,
we are left with “classic herb”, lacking substantive semantic connection
to either words related individually or as a whole to “poultry thanksgiving”.

Gatfol uses more than 40 different algorithms to blend search keywords semantically to check for
keyword cohesiveness and consistency. Gatfol takes into account the non-matching keyword problem
and pushes less relevant database returns further down the list hierarchy – fully inline and in microseconds.

Thirdly, we can ask things in the same way in Pinterest using words with
similar semantic meaning but expressed differently grammar wise…

seasoning inside stuffed chicken breast”
“chicken breast filled with flavoring

…yielding notably different results.

Returns should consistently be the same or at least overlap
significantly when semantically equivalent sets of keywords are used.

Gatfol coaxes multiword keyword equivalents from the initial
search phrase to generate semantically optimised queries, empowering
databases with massively scalable retrieval capability – in stealth and in real time.

 Gatfol punches the stuffing out of the enterprise words-to-profit pipeline…