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Gatfol…Padded For Profit…

Igor Vladislav Stanislavovich Rozhdestvenskij

 1914 National Geographic:

…where the drosky drivers wore padded coats that wrapped snugly around their

already bloated bodies, because the more well-fed and fatter these coachmen were, the more
prosperous they appeared and the more likely they were able to fetch a higher price for greater profit…

Gatfol acts as search entry filter to transform long, complicated
searches instantly into relevant, compact, result-optimised queries.

Gatfol creates thousands of stealth search queries – “padded assets”
– equal in grammar structure and semantic meaning to the original query:

“…we really need to concentrate our architectural arrangements around a
stratified private social environment of street-level relaxation – in synergy with
modern culinary spaces and intellectual knowledge- that includes streetscape culture…”

…Gatfol translates to…

 “…we need to focus our design on combining coffee shops with book stores and art galleries…”

 Gatfol replaces current static keyword-based search methods
with next-generation semantic transformation technology

Gatfol makes business information-flow simple…

  …Gatfol padded stealth…your profit…