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The Gatfol Grey Gang…

You are an accounting firm, auditor or corporate services provider…

If you could find out if local entrepreneurs are planning to set up a corporate structure,
you could offer a wide range of services. Once this information is trackable through
the local company register, your competition is bound to know about it as well. 


You want to find out about expats planning and discussing a move to your country.
You would also like to offer them a wide range of corporate and financial
services before they start shopping around at your competitors.

How do you get a head start?

Gatfol dynamically creates a stealth array of virtual assistants
to geographically track important information for you…


…hundreds of millions of Twitter-, Facebook- and Reddit postings…
…forums, blogs, media comments and wide-ranging topical websites…
…newspapers, government notices, business announcements, press releases…
…local authority communications, classified ads, expat discussions, legal briefings…
…industry-specific technical and scientific research-based articles…and a whole lot more..

Gatfol has found a unique way to machine-read this data, generating tens of
thousands of simultaneous search word sets, manufactured automatically
to drive your research runs on the Gatfol architecture

Get the Gatfol Grey !

Gatfol Tracker is in Oil…



You have special energy related interests with team presence in Russia, Libya and Iraq.
You need to stay on top of security situations in these countries across many regions – in real time.
Using any of the large search engines like Google to get your information poses the following major problem:

What search words do you use?

Security situation Chechnya?
– but what if an online report exists that covers “Security situation Grozny?
The capital region of Chechnya is relevant to you,
– but your search words will not make the necessary keyword “hits”.
Do you enter another search to cover the keyword “Grozny“?
– and what if the report title does not include Security situation but rather “Military- and other threats?
– once again your search words will not hit.
The amount of possible search word permutations can run into millions…
…making it impossible to cover them all manually…

Gatfol Tracker not only searches across the web,
but given the input of “Security situation Chechnya“,
automatically expands the possible search word sets from this input
to hundreds or even thousands to produce the keyword hits that you need.

Let Gatfol Tracker be your search security across the world…