Talking fridges (and any other conversing appliances) have a major problem…

If I ask…

“Any beer in the fridge?”

“Any beer left?

“Got beer?”

What is the beer situation?”

“Do we have beer?”

“Out of beer?”

“Beer finished?”

“No more beer?”

the appliance language software has to semantically equalise my different ways of asking the same thing.

Currently this is extremely difficult outside of simple one-to-one synonym replacement.

Gatfol is the world leader in multi-word inline-, real-time semantic equalisation.

 Gatfol makes human-machine conversation work



“Apple will ship in the region of 485 million wearable computing devices by 2018 …” (BBC, Mar 2013)

Operator input into smaller and smaller wearable computing devices is a problem…

Gatfol technology liberates WCD’s from having to carry or access all
of the trillions of possible natural language instructions receivable…

Gatfol simplifies WCD language input in microseconds
to a few set backend actionable program commands…

…Gatfol is your generic SIRI base-technology across all platforms…



Get into the soul of the machine….

Ferrari number two is Gatfol-enabled


What have all these…

…in common with all these…

Before 2020 you will also be talking to the bottom half…

 Gatfol technology will make this possible. Appliance chips only need
to carry the bare minimum of operational instructions and Gatfol will
connect the rich tapestry of human everyday language to it.

Without Gatfol  “…it is sweltering in here…” will mean zero to your wall air conditioner,

With Gatfol  “down temp” – will be a cinch

Do not buy it if it is not Gatfol -enabled

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