Gatfol…Padded For Profit…

Igor Vladislav Stanislavovich Rozhdestvenskij

 1914 National Geographic:

…where the drosky drivers wore padded coats that wrapped snugly around their

already bloated bodies, because the more well-fed and fatter these coachmen were, the more
prosperous they appeared and the more likely they were able to fetch a higher price for greater profit…

Gatfol acts as search entry filter to transform long, complicated
searches instantly into relevant, compact, result-optimised queries.

Gatfol creates thousands of stealth search queries – “padded assets”
– equal in grammar structure and semantic meaning to the original query:

“…we really need to concentrate our architectural arrangements around a
stratified private social environment of street-level relaxation – in synergy with
modern culinary spaces and intellectual knowledge- that includes streetscape culture…”

…Gatfol translates to…

 “…we need to focus our design on combining coffee shops with book stores and art galleries…”

 Gatfol replaces current static keyword-based search methods
with next-generation semantic transformation technology

Gatfol makes business information-flow simple…

  …Gatfol padded stealth…your profit…

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  1. Johnb50

    That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Be certain to keep writing.

    1. Gatfol Team Post author

      Gatfol is working on some highly innovative technology – soon to be released! Yes, opinions will always differ… Please keep reading!

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