Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Property…….Frankincense?

Dec 21, 2011 – “the Ethiopian trees that produce much of the world’s frankincense are
declining so dramatically that production could be halved over the next
15 years and the trees themselves could decline by 90% in the next 50 years”


Frankincense oil currently sells for $300 a kilogram.

 Demand projections worldwide for use in perfumes and health are robust.

 Each tree needs 25 m² of growing space.

 The Arizona USA climate and soils are ideal for establishing a frankincense “farm”.

 1120 Acres in Arizona currently sells for $2.2 million.

 1120 Acres grows 180 000 trees.

 Each tree produces 300g of frankincense oil a year.

 First harvests occur after 8-10 years.

 180 000 Trees bring in a turnover of $16 million a year.

 Seeds for 180 000 trees cost $16 000.

 Low cost manual labour is sufficient to bring in the harvest.

 Frankincense trees are hardy, require almost no water and need minimal maintenance.

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5 thoughts on “Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Property…….Frankincense?

  1. Michael

    I am a Realtor in Arizona and I have the 1120 acres mentioned in the article listed for sale. I also have other properties available on a smaller scale. Email me at for more information on Arizona Homes and land. Thanks, Michael

  2. David Stewart

    Dog gone it. You got the entrepreneur in me thinking about doing this. I found the land you have featured. It may be approved for a solar farm – good thing to do until the trees mature. Maybe they can “live” together?

    1. Gatfol Team Post author

      Hi David – Who would have thought investing in “trees” could prove to be so profitable? Not everyone’s cup of tea of course – but certainly something worth mulling over… Sometimes it’s the most obscure and hidden gems that bring in the greatest returns… if we but just knew about them!

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