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Jerry Sandusky and the Gatfol Grinder

Touched - The Jerry Sandusky Story

With hindsight, everybody is looking into Jerry Sandusky’s book “Touched : The Jerry Sandusky Story” for the smoking gun character traits that – if picked up earlier – would have prevented much heart-wrenching hurt.

The surprising thing – on the surface – is that there is nothing in Jerry’s renderings that shockingly jumps out as a warning…

…unless it is fed through Gatfol….

Gatfol accentuates the unusually frequent references to bathrooms and showers – but given the general sports environment as background – this is not especially worrisome…

…the problem is in the semantic combinations…
…and Gatfol is the technology to get behind this in milliseconds…

It’s Jerry’s routine and persistent mix of child-like experiences and sleepovers with children within a world of adult related showering, body contact and physical fooling around that immediately raises critical red flags…

Language is seldom clear in large volumes…
Use Gatfol to translate from English to English

How Gatfol Semantically Cleans Habbo Hotel


Habbo Hotel’s “automated filtering technology” and semantic chat control failed in June 2012.

Cyberstalkers and paedophiles took advantage and mute action temporarily
crippled the social network environment of over 250 million users.

The two largest Habbo Hotel funding backers withdrew…

Semantics can kill operationally and commercially…

…but semantics can also save…with Gatfol…

Online predators are now clever enough to avoid “danger words” that invite trouble.
Human moderators and filtering technology running on blacklisted keyword lists will continue to fail…

…hey angel, sounds like things are tough for you right nowyou wanna chat

Gatfol shows us that “hey angel” is semantically almost always used by adults.

Keywords fail – Gatfol alerts…

Where Do People Turn Blue for Want of Water?

Tuareg men in Mali traditionally wear turbans dyed indigo.

World wide, cloth is normally dyed in water based wet processes.

In Mali a severe lack of water prevents water based dyeing.

Indigo dye is physically stamped into Mali turban cloth.

Stamped dye runs and rubs off.

Tuareg men in Mali exhibit a blue complexion.

With Gatfol you will never see red…

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Property…….Frankincense?

Dec 21, 2011 – “the Ethiopian trees that produce much of the world’s frankincense are
declining so dramatically that production could be halved over the next
15 years and the trees themselves could decline by 90% in the next 50 years”


Frankincense oil currently sells for $300 a kilogram.

 Demand projections worldwide for use in perfumes and health are robust.

 Each tree needs 25 m² of growing space.

 The Arizona USA climate and soils are ideal for establishing a frankincense “farm”.

 1120 Acres in Arizona currently sells for $2.2 million.

 1120 Acres grows 180 000 trees.

 Each tree produces 300g of frankincense oil a year.

 First harvests occur after 8-10 years.

 180 000 Trees bring in a turnover of $16 million a year.

 Seeds for 180 000 trees cost $16 000.

 Low cost manual labour is sufficient to bring in the harvest.

 Frankincense trees are hardy, require almost no water and need minimal maintenance.

Planning to retire in ten years and want to become rich at the same time…..

Forget stocks and bonds…

Use Gatfol…see what is out there…make money…