Where do Golf, Blue Stones and Motor Oil go Together…?

At Club de Golf near Arica in the Atacama desert in Chile…

Blue stones demarcate a “water” hazard

Grassless greens are slathered in used motor oil to make putting possible

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How many UFO sightings have there been at Club de Golf ?
Why do players leave no footprints whilst walking the course ?
Who is the famous actor in the red shirt and the Panama hat above ?
Has “human” activity at Club de Golf got an alien explanation as speculated ?

2 thoughts on “Where do Golf, Blue Stones and Motor Oil go Together…?

  1. Murdo Duncan

    Hi and I think this type of golf is fantastic and especially in areas where water is a problem. I’ve played on this type of course too and great fun! I’d be delighted if anyone wished to write to me about creating more similar ones! Best regards, Murdo

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