Negative Gatfol Spaces with Cheesecake in Copenhagen

How does Gatfol work algorithmically?


 Lets look at the following input phrase.

“…I am looking for a small coffee shop with red canopies in central
Copenhagen that serves many types of strawberry cheesecake…”

Gatfol builds a mathematical world image through web
spidering and “sees” keywords as negative semantic spaces

Gatfol combines negative spaces of groups of words i.e. “coffee shop”

Note how the small “coffee cup” negative space adds “coffee” to the full “coffee shop” world image

We do not have “coffee” as a concept, neither do we have “shop”
as a concept and NEITHER DO WE HAVE “coffee” and “shop” as a combinational concept

We have a unique negative space of  “coffeeshop” that’s neither individually
or in combination part of the input concepts

Gatfol can easily and fluidly expand the “negative spaces” to contain
almost any combination of concepts in an input query

Negative space templates are multi-dimensionally compared for the closest fit: giving us…

“….Maurice’s deli with the largest variety of strawberry confectionary,
in walking distance from Copernicus square…..”

Gatfol additionally provides an error protection layer:

Semantic fits are re-fed into the world image to ensure
grammar accuracy in the search phrase equivalent